Personal songs and compositions




Titles composed in various contexts:
By myself or with another composer. Mostly sung by singers who graciously offered their talent. Other titles are instrumental.





Westworld - Dr. Ford (2019)



My robot needs the moon (2018)



Reaching you (2017)



This day means always (2016)



MAX_ - Won't Fool Your Soul (2015)

Composed by cédric Joubert and François Dumas de Rauly



Pulse of my soul (2014)



Sph (2012)



Song for 2 girlfriends (2011)




Various electro compositions




Compositions made with Reason (for most of them).



Electro4 (2006)



Electro23 (2006)



Electro12 (2006)



Tech2 (2003)



Tech1 (2002)