May 2020:

Release of the song (with its videoclip) Blind to see you.
This project exists since 2 years. I have initially composed this song (called Disillusion) for Soap Parano but after the band has ended, Philippe Pires contacted me to offer me to sing on this song.
In a parallel way, few months after failing to find a graphist who would accept to make me a video clip, I've choose to make my clip by myself.
Ludo, a friend of mine, has accepted to share me its talent, and then, to draw the whole drawings of this video clip.



April 2020 :

  • Un grand merci !: Release of the video clip during the containment period.
    My friend Michel Jacinto and me wanted to share this message of thanks in honour of those who are dedicated to saving lives, and those who help us through this difficult time.
    We choose one of our music composition we have revisited...



November 2019:

  • Reaching you: Release of the video clip performed by Pascal Aubert.

  • 2 new music compositions:
      - 1 composition in recording
      - The song Disillusion (new title to come) is over but the realization of the video clip is still in progress (we are working with friend Ludovic Mons)



September  2019:

  • Dr. Ford (cover) :
    Réalization of the music cover from the Westworld series (original soundtrack by Ramin Djawadi). The goal was to retranscript all the existant instruments (electro, piano, violins and cells tracks) to perform personal guitar arrangements.



December 2018:

  • Reaching you : the idea for creating the video clip is in progress. With Pascal Aubert (one my friend and actor) and we're hoping to be abble to concretise it for january 2019

  • 2 new music compositions in recording :
      - 1 new composition is in study phase
      - The Disillusion (initially composed for Soap Parano) song is going to come back starting a new life



October 2018:

Release of the song (with its videoclip) My robot needs the moon.
This song has been composed 6 months before but has required a real team effort with Olivier Chérin (graphist), my tireless friend, to succeed in releasing a videoclip which is the exact extension of this song, in terms of timing and rhythm of the story, but also in the desired intention.
The release of the videoclip is a real personnal success, but especially, the result of an intensive work. I can never thank Olivier enough for his talent, rigour and the time he spent for me making this beautiful video clip.



June 2018:

The song Reaching you has been sung by Pascal Aubert.
It has been finished few months ago but the videoclip is still in progress...



Weekend october 6/7, 2018:

Music composition for the short film GEMURODO with the Crash Test Movies team (François Dumas de Rauly as director).
Music composed within few hours in the festival context "48 Hour Film Project".